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The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. With more than 37,000 individual members, they are the biggest professional health and safety organisation in the world. IOSH also act as a conduit for knowledge, opinion and research on many important matters affecting the health and safety profession, and are often consulted by government departments for members’ views on draft legislation, codes of practice influencing European directives and guidance, and other government initiatives.

Managing Safely

Duration: 3 Days | Capacity: 12 Delegates

This is a comprehensive four-day course, providing managers of any organisation or industry with a basic introductory grounding in health and safety at work. It concentrates on training delegates to apply sound management principles to health and safety, and is divided into eight different modules.

This course will cover the application of recognised management principles in health and safety and will equip the delegate to tackle the issues in their own workplace. This highly regarded level of accreditation is widely recognised as a transferable level of attainment in health and safety.

Working Safely

Duration: 1 Day | Capacity: 12 Delegates

This one day course trains staff to ensure that their individual and collective actions contribute to health and safety in the work place and that responsibilities are clearly understood. The course covers a minimum of six hours tuition and includes two written assessments, one of which covers the identification of hazards.

Key features of the course include: Identification and achievement of desired work place behaviour, Competence based training with practical exercises and formal assessment of skills as well as underpinning knowledge.

Bespoke IOSH Training

Duration: 1-5 Days | Capacity: 12 Delegates

We are also able to offer clients the opportunity to have an IOSH Accredited Managing or Working Safely course specific to their company. RSIS have assisted companies in developing training courses that incorporate the policies and procedures specific to their industry in place of the generic IOSH format. After meeting with the client, the courses are compiled and approved by IOSH giving the client a Managing or Working Safely course of their own, which can be delivered to their own staff and contractors.