Safety Footwear Information

Safety Footwear VAT Rules

Safety boots are VAT rated 0% "Not Exempt of VAT" when purchased by an individual for industrial use. These must not be supplied to persons for use by their employees (buying for employees requires the purchaser to pay VAT by law), Purchases by VAT registered companies for safety boots must be paid & reclaimed in the usual way, Finally these rules do not apply to safety shoes or safety trainers, these products require a 20% VAT Payment no exceptions.

Simply put, if you're ordering safety boots for your own work use - you are exempt from paying VAT. If you are an employer purchasing safety boots for your employees, then this exemption does not apply and you should pay VAT at the prevailing rate.

If you are an individual purchasing safety boots for industrial use then you should enter the code 'SOLETRADER' at the checkout to change the VAT rate to 0%.

If you are buying safety boots for your employees you are required by law to pay 20% VAT and reclaim it in the usual way.
Follow this link to see the full details from HMRC

Footwear Key Features Explained

You can use our footwear safety symbols to identify the level of protection each boot has to offer.
Finding the right footwear is now even easier. Use the symbols to find what you want quickly and easily.

Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather200 Joules Steel Toe Cap200J Steel Toe CapDual Density Sole UnitDual Density Sole Unit
Water Resistant UpperWater Resistant Upper200J Composite Toe Cap200J Composite Toe CapNon Metallic100 Percent Non-Metallic
WaterproofWaterproofPierce Resistant Steel MidsolePierce Resistant Steel MidsoleCold InsulationCold Insulation
Oil Resistant OutsoleOil Resistant OutsolePierce Resistant Composite MidsolePierce Resistant Composite MidsoleWide FittingWide Fitting
Anti StaticAnti-StaticEnergy Absorbing Seat RegionEnergy Absorbing Seat RegionUnisex FootwearUnisex
Slip Resistant OutsoleSlip Resistant Outsole
Heat Resistant Outsole to 300 Degrees300 Deg. C Heat Resistant OutsoleLadies FootwearLadies Footwear
Side ZipSide Zip

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