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Automated Point-of-Use dispensing technology is revolutionising businesses all over the World, saving companies money through better stock control, cutting down on waste. With Cloud based stock management we can ensure your stock levels are kept up-to-date, reducing any risk of down-time.

Virtually every business needs to find ways to control costs, streamline processes and leverage user data to measure and elevate performance across multiple KPIs. And that’s where we excel. All our automated, self-serve dispensing solutions are powered by Trajectory Cloud, a powerful and secure business intelligence platform that lets you track, manage, control, monitor and analyse your real-time supply, materials, equipment and product inventories 24/7. Below are our core product lines for use in warehouse and DCs, transportation, automotive, retail, food service, healthcare, and a growing number of other industries. Lets look in a bit more detail at the benefits:

Cash Flow
Eliminating being out-of-stock and having excess inventory, reducing reordering costs – it’s not just wishful thinking. With RS Industrial managed dispensers, it’s business as usual.

Annually, 25-50% of mission-critical materials, supplies and equipment are wasted. Our smart solutions combat this costly problem – driving unprecedented productivity levels and efficiencies.

Walking and waiting drain productivity. We put critical supplies, materials and equipment at the Point-of-Use – employees get more done. You save money.

It’s all about doing more with less. With Apex Point-of-Use solutions in place, you’ll eliminate wasted time, motion, material, labour and cost.

Our Vending Machines tick all the right boxes!