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We are proud to be working in partnership with Ikusi to distribute the Ikusi Radio Control Product range and offer full service and support throughout the North East of England.

Remote Controls

Ikusi’s Remote Control division designs and manufactures radio controls and radio communication-based electronic systems for remotely controlling mobile and/or fixed industrial lifting machinery, which also have various other applications. The option of operating different types of machinery by remote control greatly increases the precision and safety levels as well as the manoeuvrability of the machinery.

Ikusi produced the first remote control for industrial applications in Spain back in 1984. Since then, it has developed a broad and sturdy range of wireless remote controls and become one of the benchmark manufacturers, in Spain and internationally. As Crane and lifting experts, RS Industrial Services are extremely happy to be in partnership with such a highly reputable company, allowing us to deliver the very best to our customers.



Ikusi’s idea of service is ever more wide-ranging. It involves the entire customer relationship process, from pre-sales to after-sales, passing through all the stages in-between. A quick, agile service built on a professional support team and an extensive network of distributors around the world to provide the end-customer with quality technical support.

As official partners, all engineers at RS Industrial Services have received full product training, ensuring we can deliver the level of support that Ikusi demands and our customers have come to expect.


Ikusi develops and manufactures highly reliable, cutting-edge products at its own facilities, ensuring that all equipment can operate in the most demanding conditions and environments, in line with the most stringent regulations and health and safety requirements.