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Grade 80 Chain Slings

Hackett Grade 80 Lifting Chain is manufactured from alloy steel and complies fully with EN818-2. Only chain fully compliant with all aspects of EN818-2 can be used in chain slings certified to EN818-4.

Hackett Grade 80 lifting chain is embossed MA8 and also with class leading batch code marking. The chain is proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit and is supplied in a black painted finish. The Hackett Grade 80 chain is suitable for use in a temperature range of -40°C up to 200°C without reduction in working load limit, reductions apply up to 400°C.

Use the table to identify the Chain Sling you require. Click the link to view the product and select your chain length and termination options.

Grade 80 Chain Legs
Chain Size
Single LegTwo Leg
0 - 45°
Two Leg
45 - 60°
Three Leg
0 - 45°
Three Leg
45 - 60°
Four Leg
0 - 45°
Four Leg
45 - 60°
71.5 WLL2.1 WLL1.5 WLL3.15 WLL2.2 WLL3.15 WLL2.2 WLL
82.0 WLL2.8 WLL2.0 WLL4.2 WLL3.0 WLL4.2 WLL3.0 WLL
103.15 WLL4.25 WLL3.15 WLL6.7 WLL4.75 WLL6.7 WLL4.75 WLL
135.3 WLL7.5 WLL5.3 WLL11.2 WLL8.0 WLL11.2 WLL8.0 WLL
168.0 WLL11.2 WLL8.0 WLL17.0 WLL11.8 WLL17.0 WLL11.8 WLL
2012.5 WLL17.0 WLL12.5 WLL26.5 WLL19.0 WLL26.5 WLL19.0 WLL
2215.0 WLL21.2 WLL15.0 WLL31.5 WLL22.4 WLL31.5 WLL22.4 WLL
2621.2 WLL30.0 WLL21.2 WLL45.0 WLL31.5 WLL45.0 WLL31.5 WLL
3231.5 WLL45.0 WLL31.5 WLL67.0 WLL47.5 WLL67.0 WLL47.5 WLL

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