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RS Industrial Services industrial vending machine in situ. 09/08/2023

Anyone got 50p for the vending machine?

Industrial vending solutions is one of the many different services we offer here at RS Industrial. Having a great relationship with Safe Stock Solutions, as a team we are able to provide a lot of benefits to our customers. In this blog we are going to go through the benefits to industrial vending, alongside some of the different machines we have access too.(WARNING – this might be our first blogpost without a standard in a while) Benefits Industrial vending has a wide amount of benefits to any business of which we... Read More


Learning the ropes!

Training is an important part of every industry as a whole. Making sure staff is educated correctly is imperative to the safety of themselves as well as others and the public. It also helps you save time and money in the long run making processes more efficient and quicker overall.  There are a few different associations that influence and provide training for our industry which we will go through below, alongside some statistics and a standard or two. Associations/Boards LEEA – The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association is established across the world... Read More


Quarterly Company News Update – JUN ’23

It’s that time again, our quarterly company news blog post! We have been busy as per usual pushing products, maintaining cranes, and training people in the rules and regulations of the industry, which brings us to our first point. Awards We have won an award for our training facility! We have won the ‘Best Industrial Training Company’ at the UK Enterprise Awards 2023. As you may know, we offer a wide range of courses from our training centre that we are also able to deliver some of on your own... Read More

William Hackett logo 07/06/2023

William Hackett – Brand Showcase

As you know, we have been covering cranes for the past couple of weeks, from the ground up. Types of cranes, parts, electricals and so on. We have done this before but we thought we would do another brand showcase, similar to the Codipro one we did before Christmas.  History This showcase is going to be on William Hackett. Founded in 1892, England, William Hackett chains have been producing said products continuously ever since. In the early days, they focused on agricultural chains before automated machinery was invented.More recently, 1989,... Read More


That’s a nice jacket – Regatta brand showcase

Regatta have been making outdoor products for over 40 years now and have become known for their affordability but good quality products that are suitable for all environments.Starting in 1981, a group of 12 seen how inaccessible the outdoor market could be and decided they wanted to bring outdoor gear to the masses. Making cheaper but still high-quality products they unlocked the outdoors to a new market, giving others the luxury of our outdoors only some could access previously. After years of building their extensive knowledge in outdoor clothing, they... Read More


Need a lift? – Lifting Equipment

To follow on from our Cranes blog a couple of weeks ago, we thought we would cover the other aspect of it, lifting. In this we will go through the likes of slings, touch more on hoists, lifting rings, etc. Chain Slings Let’s start off with chain slings. These chains come in various forms, grade 80 and 100 strength ranging from single to four legs and more. They are often used for lifting heavy object on site, made up of high tensile chain to ensure safety whilst lifting these items.... Read More


Fancy a lift? – Cranes and lifting

Cranes are the foundation of our business here at RS. We started off as RS Cranes & Material Handling Limited in 2001 and have since expanded into Industrial Trade Supply and Accredited Training, but our cranes and lifting expertise has grown with the many projects we have undertaken over the years. You can check out one of the first projects we ever took on here *link to the nuclear project page* Cranes come in various forms, from the traditional tower cranes to hoists and mobile gantry’s, all of which we... Read More

Stack of newspapers 22/03/2023

Quarterly Company News Update – MAR ’23

This is a new series of posts we are going to be doing which are quarterly news posts on the company. Obviously, we like to promote products and inform you on important facts about these of these products, but we also know it can get a little boring sometimes. We love our staff here at RS and we do celebrate them on social media but not enough. These quarterly news posts are going to be news highlighting subjects other than products; staff feats, company achievements, ok maybe some promotion, and other company... Read More

Workers wearing hi-visibility clothing 08/03/2023

Reflecting upon the benefits of Hi-visibility clothing

Hi-Visibility clothing is a mainstay in PPE and in some roles mandatory to perform the job. Like the name suggests, if gives you – the wearer, hi-visibility which can be the difference between life and death. Below we will explain the qualities of hi-vis, the standards, and some (in our opinion) go to companies for this type of product.  Reflective Tape Reflective tape, one of the most important parts of hi-visibility clothing has been around for over 50 years, but its development has a good history, we will go through... Read More


Seeing is Believing – Protective Eyewear!

Having sight is a blessing and one of the most important parts of our make up as human beings. With this in mind, it’s important that we protect them, especially at work.  Below we are going to go through all the different options of safety eyewear alongside some high-end brands and more. Let’s start in our usual way, with your favourite portion of our blogposts – standards! Standards EN 166 – this standard applies to all safety eyewear, spectacles, goggles, etc. For the product to pass for this standard, it must... Read More