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Are you using the right Abrasives for the job?

Could your site be more efficient ? It is common for work sites to stick with using tools and consumables that they have always used. The working practises and processes have never been assessed to see if a job could be done a lot faster and more cost effective using the correct tools.

RS Industrial Services offers site visits to help you assess your needs for all your processes, watching how you work so we can offer you the right tools for the job. We are offering a complimentary site visit to assess your abrasive needs, looking at your grinding disc, cutting disc and much more to see how we can save you time and money.

The optimisation of work processes through the use of powerful premium tools and tool drives has a positive effect on the cost-effectiveness of your operations. It's not just cost savings that could be had, optimising your processes could help protect you and your employees with benefits such as noise, vibration and emission reductions. Better ergonomics to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue.

Faster, Quieter and Better value

The below video show cases the Pferd CC-Grind-Solid, take a look at an example of how just one product could help shape your processes, giving you more economic value compared to standard grinding wheels. Just some of the benefits this one product could give you compared to other grinding discs.

  • 40% more economic value from removal rates
  • 50% less vibration and noise during use
  • Faster than standard grinding discs saving time.

Want to book a site visit?

If you are using abrasives and are interested in these benefits, please fill out the contact details form below, we will get in touch with you very soon, arranging a time and date that suits you and start improving efficiency on your site.